Dr. Heidi and Mary Ann Pierce, Founder & CEO of MAP Digital: MetaMeetings talk about the rapidly changing events space, how to remain relevant and create value for the hosts, speakers and attendees of events with digital.

According to Mary Ann Pierce, events industry is deep into their digital transformation. How does she know? Well, she has been leading charge for 20 years.  Recently named by “Meetings & Conventions” Magazine as one of the Top 25 Women in the Meetings Industry”, Mary Ann is founder and CEO of MAP Digital.

She advocates Building Communities through Event Content, AI and Social Media, and believes that event content, once ephemeral, when transformed into a digital asset, distributed via Social Media, and its data tracked by A.I. can spark new relevance, communities of interest and revenue for the events industry. MAP Digital’s MetaMeetings platform manages an event’s digital ecosystem from attendee engagement, webcasting and digitized content to data analytics. She has worked with J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, The Wall Street Journal, Novartis, Pfizer, and Havas. She was an adjunct professor at New York University and has been a speaker at “Masters & Robots,” “Evolve or Die,” PCMA Educon, and MPI Conferences.

Website: http://www.mapdigital.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mary.pierce.906
Twitter ID: https://twitter.com/maryannpierce
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/maireaineny/

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