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Episode 220: Rijul Arora – Millennial Digital Wellbeing Advocate

Dr. Heidi talks with Rijul Arora, Digital Well Being Advocate and Practitioner. Rijul is a technology enthusiast working on building a better working world through technology. But, he’s a millennial who’s been on both sides of the table-completely addicted to technology, left it and now he has a healthy relationship with technology.

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Episode 207: David Adelson-Peace & Harmony Company

Dr. Heidi talks with David Adelson, Product Development, Peace And Harmony Company. David’s Master’s degree Advisors thought he should be a stand-up comic. Instead, he remained a lifelong healer, author, meditation teacher and developer, creating 700+ products and programs founded in consciousness and wholeness.

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Episode 125 – Don Hernandez – Stigma Free Mental Health Solutions

On this episode Dr. Heidi interviews Don Hernandez, CEO of Enlyte, helping others help themselves on day at a time. Don Hernandez has extensive experience in global organizations that provide key technology solutions to help clients achieve productivity and efficiency improvements, reduce costs, manage risks, and drive engagement through innovation.