Dr. Heidi talks quarantine tips in the rise of fears and anxiety around coronavirus (COVID19) global spread.


MENTAL HEALTH – Unlocking of WithHope by Enlyte – download the enlyte app for stigma free and remote mental health treatment and support. In state of emergency there can be no recovery with mental health support.

If you are suffering from Anxiety, stress, substance use disorder, the entire enlyte app has been unlocked for free usage during the 30 day quarantine. (Normally limited functionality in the free version).

Financial fear, anxiety around getting disease, anxiety about passing on, isolationism, depression, increased substance abuse, suicidal ideation, suggest using the following:

– Gratitude Practice
– Meditation
– Binaural beats – creates a theta brain state in 2 1/2 minutes, conducive to calm relaxation & peace of mind, integrating positive affirmations, that are pumped straight into subconscious
Please be patient as beta version so user interface takes a moment to load, fully functional. Please load on WiFi to save cell fees, file sizes are large, Warning, not for epileptic, or more than 6 months pregnant can induce labor.

SOCIAL DISTANCING – Use your devices to allow you to CONNECT not INFECT, FaceTime, Zoom, text, calls. Send pictures and videos. Share movie, podcast and book tips

Everyone working and studying from home – QUIET ZONES, DO NOT DISTURB, WORK HOURS


TALK about CLEANLINESS with family, teach proper washing/cleaning, responsible toilet paper usage. Watch videos from trusted resources together that teach protocols – World Health Organization (WHO)

DISINFECT your phones, remotes, devices and workspaces – use isopropyl alcohol or very east soap and water on towel.

Be mindful about sugar and alcohol consumption, excessive amount of either can reduce your immune system’s ability to fight off the virus. Stay healthy and safe.


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