On this mini episode Dr Heidi Forbes Öste streams live from the Barcelona airport on being a digital global nomad, the future of Evolving Digital Self and upcoming projects.

Overview of Digital Wellbeing as it is covered on Evolving Digital Self for 2BalanceU. There are four areas of Digital Wellbeing that are interconnected.

First of all, there’s the individual and that’s the most important part because the individual is part of all of the other pieces. In this we look at the human relationship with technology and how we’re engaging with it, improving our behaviors around it, and also identifying sensitivities and areas where toxicities related to technology in our engagement with it can be improved, neutralized and/or harmonized so that we can be more effective, happy, connected, and human.

The second piece is where organizations are made up of those individuals and people and identifying how organizations are creating cultures that support positive digital wellbeing, positive relationships with technology and how you can support wellbeing in general in the way that we engage with technology. Everything from how we sit when we’re engaging with our devices, to the devices themselves.

The other pieces that a lot of those organizations are developing really cool technologies. But we need to be mindful in the development of those technologies on how they are impacting the human experience. Are we taking wellbeing considerations into account when we’re creating design? Are we taking integration into account when we are designing things for the future? How do they impact the human experience? Again, it comes back to that individual.

The final piece is really the important part of understanding where policy is going and how we can future proof our organizations and ourselves. So we’re protecting our privacy, we’re protecting our wellbeing and we’re not creating toxic environments, um, for individuals as we go forward. There’s a lot of concerns about everything from EMF and 5G’s. And I think it’s just for us to take those things into consideration because there, there are new laws that are coming into place and there should be, but understanding where those are going and how they may impact us and also how we can influence those future regulations and policies so that they have a positive outcome for everyone.

So what I’ve been working on recently, and will be sharing a lot about this journey, is we are creating a physical space in France designed in very mindful way to integrate the principles of digital wellbeing. One can experience being connected but not having it be in a harmful way. The intent is also to be able to capture some really good data about the impact on productivity, on happiness, on a physical and mental wellbeing. All of these different metrics are so important us to understand on a global scale what is the impact of what we’re creating and how we’re integrating it into our experiences.

We’ll be launching a new show called Global Nomad Hacks. I will be giving you more details as we get closer to the launch.

Do you have a suggestion of someone that should be interviewed on either Evolving Digital Self regarding digital wellbeing or Global Nomad Hacks (thriving tips for on living abroad or on the road) or a product/service that should be highlighted? Reach out to us at info@2BalanceU.com to learn how to apply or request an invitation.




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