On this episode Dr. Heidi interviews Don Hernandez, CEO of Enlyte, helping others help themselves on day at a time.

Don Hernandez has extensive experience in global organizations that provide key technology solutions to help clients achieve productivity and efficiency improvements, reduce costs, manage risks, and drive engagement through innovation. A veteran of helping people learn and retain information, Don recently became involved in Mental Health. The Enlyte solution provides a Stigma Free buddy in your pocket solution to increase the wellbeing of the user, and was co-developed by lead neuroscientists and psychologists from prominent mental health facilities on three continents. 

Note: Company name will be changed to WithHope later this year so keep an eye out for it. Until then it is available as Enlyte.

Website: www.enlyte.bot
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/enlyteBot
Twitter ID: https://twitter.com/enlyte_bot


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