Laura Burton is an internet marketing strategist. She has successfully helped over 15,000 business owners put their advertising dollars to good use to increase sales and build their businesses online. She knows what works and how to get results with internet marketing. 

Laura saw the devastation business owners suffered through online industry changes and bad marketing choices over the last 8 yrs. She is on a mission to help business owners get the best sales and marketing solutions for their budget. Her #1 core value is to only offer products and services that achieve measurable results. 

Laura is the author of 12 Secret Sales Hacks ~ That Have Stood The Test Of Time, (available on Amazon and as a FREE download on her website,, and 416 Sales – The Ultimate Success Planner, (also available on Amazon). Her new book, Perseverance, will be published in 2020. She also teaches internet marketing workshops for SCORE online in Central Texas.

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