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Episode 129: Community Gathers in Blackout

this episode, Dr. Heidi reflects on the experience of the recent California power outages during wildfire season. The initiative was based on the increase in incidence of catastrophic wildfire sparked by poorly maintained power lines, clearing of brush and flammables in the vicinity and changing climate conducive to rapid spread.

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Episode 051: Deb Greene – Live A Moment

Dr. Heidi talks with Deborah Greene, founder and CEO of LiveaMoment, a tech company and movement dedicated to creating and funding peace initiatives around the world. She is also a writer, educator, and international speaker. Deborah’s newest venture, LiveaMoment has released a first of its kind app, designed to help people create their own 3 feet of Peace, connect with others around the world, aid in the teaching of Emotional Intelligence and raise money for a cause or nonprofit of their choice.