In this episode, Dr. Heidi reflects on the experience of the recent California power outages during wildfire season. The initiative was based on the increase in incidence of catastrophic wildfire sparked by poorly maintained power lines, clearing of brush and flammables in the vicinity and changing climate conducive to rapid spread.

This episode however is not focusing on the cause but rather the effect of the power outages that resulted in over 2 million people without power or cell signals for multiple days.  

The community gathered, moments were shared, the kindness of strangers came out in droves. From ice, to generator access to checking on vulnerable neighbors, the power outage brought out the best in us. Check out this episode to hear a few stories of captured from the charging stations.

A special thanks for iHome for the Xenergy line of wireless speakers with calming glow light and Anker for batteries that kept us out of the dark.


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