Dr. Heidi spotlights some of the interesting conversations captured at Globorce’s WorkHuman 2018 event in Austin, TX.

Kim Christfort, Deloitte Greenhouse Experience Group lead, interacts with senior executives struggling to tackle a variety of business challenges. At their core they often share a common problem: ineffective team dynamics leading to suboptimal engagement, productivity, and performance. Typically at the heart of this problem is a lack of understanding about diverse working styles.

Her team has spent years researching work styles to shed light on how individuals prefer to make decisions, solve problems, work with others, and even respond to stress. In response, we developed and formalized the Business Chemistry® system, which identifies four core work types, flags ways that these different styles can potentially create conflict between individuals and within teams, and puts forward strategies to more effectively adapt and manage these styles day-to-day.

Michael Bush, CEO of Great Places to Work for All, where he leads the global enterprise of more than 50 offices around the world. Under Michael’s leadership, Great Place to Work has evolved its mission and methodology to recognize companies that build great workplaces for all employees, regardless of who they are or what they do for their company. Michael is co-author of A Great Place to Work For All.

Jess Klay, Senior Director of Design & Creative at Globoforce and Andy Swan, Founder of Simple Better Human on creating an amazing workplace and successful organization is a combination of strategy, design and action across people, place and activity. Who you are as an organization and the way you work impacts the type of environments you need to provide to enable everyone in and around your community to thrive. Because when people thrive, the organization thrives too!

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