In this episode, Dr. Heidi interviews Ben Saltzman about the Nine Enneagram types and how they respond differently to the changing digital landscape. They dig deep into how types correspond with the digital self, and how they can shift in the changing landscape. From Dr. Heidi’s Type One to Ben’s Type Seven, there are great perspectives on how our lens on the world can impact our ability to handle change.

Ben Saltzman is The Coach’s Coach, a Spiritual Maverick, Relational Wizard, Enneagram devotee, internationally known seminar facilitator, fortune 500 trainer, popular consultant to entrepreneurial multi-millionaires.

Ben has a Masters Degree in Organizational Development from John F. Kennedy University where he teaches regularly. He taught seminars in The Enneagram and Transformational Coaching at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and co-founded the Israeli Enneagram Center in Tel Aviv, Israel where he teaches the master level classes.

He is the creator of the Enneagram and Shadow Coach Training Program and teaches facilitation skills to the practitioners at the 3000 member church Inner Light Ministries. Ben currently teaches a year long program titled “Relational Mastery to Build Trust, Open Hearts, and Inspire Action” which is a psycho-spiritual transformational program.

Past clients include: Hewlett Packard, The Gap, Levi Strauss, Sun Microsystems, United States Air Force, Guidant, Broadview, Intel Corp., University of California Santa Cruz, Hunt Oil, Exar, BOSCH, The Global Fund for Women, Capricorn Investments, ASI, and numerous high profile entrepreneurs.

Enneagram assessment: 

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