Dr. Heidi and Björn Öste, High Tech Food Serial Entrepreneur (yes, he happens to be her partner in life too) talk about food innovation, the changing world of shifting consumer behaviors around food and health, impacting the world with new products and thriving as partners in a dual entrepreneur home.

Björn started his entrepreneurial journey by founding DynaSoft AB, a computer security software business, in the mid-1980s. After a successful exit, he turned to high tech food. He teamed up with his brother Rickard, a renowned food scientist and professor at Lund University in Sweden, to support his innovations. Together they co-founded Oatly in 2001.

As a member of the board of Oatly, and Chairman for a good part of the time, he has been involved in the strategic development of the company. This included instituting the rebranding and re-positioning of the company in 2013-2014 and preparing for the US and Chinese launches. 

Björn and his brother co-founded Aventure AB in 2008. Aventure is a science driven food company incubator with focus on sustainability and documented health properties. Good Idea Inc is one of Aventure’s latest ventures. It is where they developed, patented and clinically tested, a blood sugar reducing sparkling water. He currently serves as the CEO and spearheads the US launch in retail, food series and on-line.  

He is continuously looking for new challenges as an investor or board member in cool start-up food companies in Latin America, Asia and Africa.  

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