Our guest Michael Neeley and host Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste talk the journey through evolving tech, keeping our humanity and raising our consciousness.

Michael Neeley is a former professional actor and medieval knight turned author, speaker, host of the podcasts Consciously Speaking and Buy This – Not That, and a personal development coach. His passion is waking people up, and he does it by coaching heart-centered entrepreneurs in finding their gift, growing their voice, and stepping into the spotlight in a big way.

Michael is a mindset master and certified Dharma teacher who mentors people in podcasting, hosting their own summit, social media marketing, and growing their audience. If you have a message or gift itching to get out – Michael is your guy.

You can learn more about him at www.MichaelNeeley.com, and sign up for a Discovery Session to see if Michael is the mentor you’ve been looking for.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ArtOfForgetting/
Twitter ID: https://www.Twitter.com/MichaelKNeeley
Instagram: https://instagram.com/michaelneeleycoaching
Free report from Michael Neeley http://michaelneeley.pages.ontraport.net/s5sp-free-report

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