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Episode 108 – Tim Driver: Empowering Boomers in the Workforce and Out

Dr. Heidi talks with Tim Driver, CEO, Age Friendly Ventures, Inc. Tim Driver founded Age Friendly Ventures in 2006. He has a successful track record starting and building digital businesses that make a social contribution. Age Friendly Ventures operates Age Friendly Advisor, and Mature Caregivers. Prior to Age Friendly Ventures, as a Board Member and SVP of Consumer Products at

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Episode 57: Moe Abbas: Beyond Digital Marketing Internships, GenM Apprentice Matchmaking

Dr. Heidi talks with Moe Abbas, CEO of GenM, a revolutionary new online school that’s free for students. A true win-win, GenM provides small business with the opportunity to get digital marketing assistance while they provide on the job training.

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Episode 050: Melanie Johnson, Elite Online Publishing

Dr. Heidi talks with Melanie Johnson, co-founder of Elite Online Publishing about evolving with the challenges that life throws you, getting Amazon to work for you and thriving as a publisher in the digital world. Melanie Johnson owner of Elite Online Publishing, 10x bestselling author, tv station owner and 1st runner up to Miss America.

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Episode 040: Lynda Roth, Digital Transformation in Traditional Industries

Dr. Heidi and digital transformation expert, Lynda Roth, talk about the opportunities and challenges in introducing new technologies in traditional industries. Lynda J Roth founded LJR Consulting with more than 30 years experience contributing to organizations as a Senior Technology Executive, Business Consultant and IT strategist.

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Episode 035: Claudia Romo Edelman – Humanitarian Affairs, Connecting Humans

Claudia Romo Edelman Co-Host of Global GoalsCast Podcast & Special Adviser to the We Are All Human Foundation. Claudia is an advocate for the social contract, removing social divisions and highlighting universal values to remind everyone that we are all human. She is currently a Special Adviser at the United Nations and the We Are All Human Foundation, whose mission is to advance an agenda of equity, inclusion and representation. She is also the Co-Host of ‘Global GoalsCast’, a podcast distributed by CBS News Digital, which highlights global progress through the stories of champions making a difference.